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All our Rulers are precision tools, manufactured from hardened , aerospace aluminum with a clear, anodized, scratch- resistant finish. The Rulers are made from the highest quality materials and the finest workmanship to guarantee smooth, clean work edges and easily -read measurements. They are ISO-9001 certified and have been approved by the National Institute of Standards.

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Tape Measure

The sewing Tape Measure is a non-stretchable flexible strip marked with inches on one side and centimeters on the other. 60" in length on each Tape Measure. A Tape Measure is a must-have tool for sewing. Having more than one and carrying one in your
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Cuff Rulers

Handy, accurate tool, used to quickly mark trouser cuffs of various lengths and widths.
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French Curve Rulers

Calibrations are on one edge, on two sides. These tools complement the Hip Curve by adding the various curves formerly found only in and entire set of French Curves. To the longer contours of the body, it adds the more defined curves of neckline and colla
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Hip Curve Ruler

Calibrations are on one edge, on two sides. Patternmakers,designers, tailors- everyone involved in creating garments reaches for this tool to draw the numerous contours of the human form. The hipline, surely, but also the trouser inseam, the lapel, the s
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T-Square Rulers

Calibrations are in 8ths and 16ths of an inch on the blade, and in 8ths of an inch on the head. The T Square heads are made from polycarbonate plastic for the greatest durability. The Standard head is 9" long.
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Straight Edge Rulers

Straight Edge Rulers CALIBREATED IN INCHES Calibrations are on the two edges, on one side. Inches, in 16ths and in 8ths.
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Triangle Rulers

These excellent tools for commercial artists, draftsmen and for crafts of all kinds. They are calibrated in sixteenths of an inch on one edge, one side. Each Triangle Ruler has 20 or 26 circular template holes, depending on the size.
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