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1/2" Thick Covered Raglan ~ Velcro® Fastener Beige Only

No-sew pad attaches easily to bra or lingerie strap with Velcro® Brand touch fasteners One-piece 100% poly-foam inside with "Soft Satin" tricot covering Ideal for dresses, blouses, and knitwear
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1/2" Thick Covered ~ Set-In ~Tri-Point White or Beige

Excellent in blouses, dresses, sweaters, and jackets Soft-poly fill inside with tricot covering
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1/2" Thick Set-In ~ Velcro® Fastener White Only

Soft natural-look for set-in sleeves Great in blouses, dresses, and knitwear Poly-molded inside with soft taffeta covering Velcro® makes pads removable for easy cleaning and use in other garments
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1/2" Thick Covered Molded Raglan White Only

Great for new garment construction For use in blouses, dresses, and knitwear Single-layer of 100% poly molded inside with tricot covering
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3/8" Thick Covered Tear-Drop Raglan White Only

For blouses, dresses, and knitwear Poly foam inside with soft tricot covering Reinforced stitching inside and outside
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1/2" Thick Basic All-Purpose White or Beige

A light natural look Great for garment repair Soft poly-fill inside Reinforced merror-stitching with safety lock
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1/4" Thick Covered ~ All-Purpose White Only

For blouses, dresses, or T-Shirts Light and natural Soft poly-fill inside with tricot covering Reinforced merrow with safety lock stitching
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1/2" Thick Soft Molded ~ Set-In White Only

Soft natural look for set-in style sleeves Ideal for blouses, dresses, and knitwear Multi-layered 100% poly-molded inside construction with soft tricot covering
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