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YKK #3 Skirt & Dress

Strong yet lightweight zipper for slacks, shirts and dresses.
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YKK Conceal ~ Invisible

The Nylon Coil Teeth are hidden on the reverse side of the tape TearDrop Slider
[Product Details...]

YKK Conceal ~ Invisible Beulon

Fashionable, Strong, Yet Liteweight SHEER KNITTED TAPE
[Product Details...]

YKK #3 Conceal ~ Heavy Duty

A new strong fashionable zipper when true strength is needed.
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YKK #4.5 Handbag - Extra-Long Pull

The finest nylon coil zipper made with an extra long pull. Great for pocketbooks!
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YKK #4.5 Slipcover & Upholstery

Strong and durable. Perfect for all kinds of furniture both indoor and outdoor.
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YKK #4.5 Pants

Top quality medium weight zipper for both men's and women's pants.
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YKK #5 Jeans

A strong and endurable zipper for all types of jeans providing strength and fashion.
[Product Details...]

YKK #5 Brass Closed Bottom

A strong and endurable zipper for all types of activewear and sports equipment
[Product Details...]

YKK #5 Molded Plastic Closed Bottom

Made from the finest quality plastic to ensure extra strength & reliabilty. Very popular for activewear and sports equipment
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YKK Water- Repellent Closed Bottom

A special coating is added to this zipper to make it water resistant while maintaining durability. Repels water but is not waterproof.
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Complete cleaning fluid and lubricating wax system for all kinds of zippers. Removes harmful dirt and other residue and maintains the smoothness of the zipper.
[Product Details...]

YKK Master Global Color Card- 500+ Colors

Use for all YKK zippers & Chain 500+ Colors Available
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